GYCW Porto 2016




Keynote 1: Time to manage a complex project

The presentation describes the challenges experienced by the author when he accepted to lead an ambitious and complex project with very demanding objectives and very high political visibility, in a remote and harsh location, with a very different cultural environment, having to deal with a multi-national team and multi-national stakeholders, the critical success factors and the lessons learnt.

The objective of the project was to build the Makkah Metro mass-transit line in the desert, with all associated safety, control and operation systems, within half the time normally taken for a project of similar dimension, with a team that was doing this kind of project for the first time, and with all the difficulties in having to deal with multiple stakeholders, from the customer side, engineering contractor, other subcontractors and partners, all of which had to work together to achieve the project goal.

The objective of the presentation is to present the lessons learned in a project of this dimension and to answer questions from the young-to-be-project-managers that can help them in their future job.

Keynote Speaker: Paulo Custódio



Keynote 2: Time to harmonize the Sustainable Development Goals with Project Management

This workshop will cover the 17 Sustainable Development Goals as adopted by 190 countries on January 1st the relevance to project management, and their principles.

Participants will learn the business themes, and adaptations that businesses are making and the impacts to project management.  Participants will have a hands-on opportunity to regionalize the goals and establish KPIs that they can use in their projects that align with the ICB 4.0 Knowledge and Skills for Strategy.

Keynote Speaker: Joel Carboni



Keynote 3: Time to just get on with it!

This talk will be an entertaining, provocative and stimulating mix. Ricardo Diniz will take you on a voyage across the worlds Oceans in a way that will be both relevant and impactful for the audience.

By sharing his dreams and goals, his victories and struggles, Ricardo’s talk will empower people to believe in the power of their dreams and to just get on with it.

Keynote Speaker: Ricardo Diniz



Workshop 1: Time to hear your clown

Are you kidding?: Workshop in using “Clown Technique” to enhance leadership and communication skills within project teams.

The “clown” is a classical character within the world of theatre as well as in TV and films. Common perception of the clown is someone who tries to be funny or acts silly.

Thus, the linkage with the clown might come across as bizarre in the world of project management. Interestingly a particular “clown technique” has been developed that derived from the search for sincerity and authenticity in the theatre, called “L’essentiel”.

There is a strong link between this technique and professional project leadership and the method is an interesting tool to train leadership skills and communication skills within project teams.

Workshop structure:

  • Short introduction on the method of the clown and how it can be of benefit for managers and leaders
  • Clown rules introduced and practiced without the red nose
  • “The birth of the clown”, participants put up a red nose and meet their clown
  • Exercises in the method and improvisation with the red nose
  • Discussion on the subject of the workshop, how the method relates with project management and how to put it in practice in the work environment

Workshop Speaker: Tinna Lind Gunnarsdottir



Workshop 2: Time to change from fear to power

In this workshop you will learn the NLP (neuro-linguistic programming) tools that will help you transform negative emotions to powerful resources.

Workshop Speaker: Adelino Cunha



Workshop 3: Time to level up with others

Do you want to set goals better, and achieve them? Do you want to learn how to be more supportive with your team members? Do you want to learn the tricks to a meaningful conversation? Then you’re up for a treat with our interactive coaching game, PassionUp!

PassionUp is the most playful way of getting coached and coaching others at the same time. Coaching helps you have the conversations we all need, but rarely have. And we’ve made it super fun through our card game! All you need is an open mind. The game takes care of the rest: facilitation, structure, etc.

Meet great people, have fun, and get a step closer to making your dreams come true!

Workshop Speakers: Hajnalka Zigmund and Daniel Collado-Ruiz


Workshop 4: Time to Discover how to think with your hands

Are you ready to go out of your comfort zone and start “thinking with your hands”? Do you want to “hardwire” the creative part of your brain? Join us in this Lego Serious Play workshop, where you’ll experiment, create and share new approaches to a meaningful and playful project management’s future. Do you dare to challenge and hack yourself and your future?

Workshop Speaker: Paulo Alves


Master of Ceremonies


Glória Costa

Glória Costa works since 2013 as Communications Manager at the SAP Design & Co-Innovation Center, a global team who designs customer specific solutions collaborating closely with end users in a new creative way, helping customers to drive innovation with design and design thinking.

In 2010, Glória founded and for four years led the IPMA Young Crew Portugal. In parallel she was part of the IPMA Young Crew International Management Board as Head of Marketing, where she collaborated with several national Young Crews, organising and moderating workshops and other events focusing on educating and sharing knowledge among project management students and young professionals across the globe. She actively collaborated in projects such as “CreACTivity” and “Coaching 4 Development”.

Glória can talk to you about: how to stay ahead of the competition by making user experience (UX) a top priority for your company and what’s the value of design for improving business processes and enterprise software.

Glória will be MC for this year’s GYCW and cannot wait to see you there!



Estuardo Calderon

Estuardo Calderón Scheel works as a moderator and PM consultant at Project Solutions GmbH in the south of Germany. He is responsible for the company’s new training unit and most enjoys facilitating for intercultural teams to solve their problems.

He has been involved with IPMA and the IPMA Young Crew since 2008, when he was finishing his international business studies in Brazil. Back then he was applying IPMA´s Competence Model to theatre festivals, poetry slams and concerts, and fell enticed with its applicability: Project Management truly is for everyone.

Estuardo will be co-hosting this year´s Global Young Crew Workshop together with Glória Costa.

Keynote 1: Time to manage a complex project


Paulo Custódio

Paulo Custódio is currently Edisoft’s responsible for Special Projects and PMO. He is certified Senior Project Manager by the International Project

Management Association (IPMA – Level B). He manages national and international projects since more than 10 years, having taken before that  different roles and responsibilities in software development projects. He graduated in Electrical Engineering by Instituto Superior Técnico.


Keynote 2: Time to harmonize the Sustainable Development Goals with Project Management


Joel Carboni

Dr. Joel Carboni is a leading figure on sustainability in project management.  He is a graduate of Ball State University and holds a Ph.D. in Sustainable Development and Environment.

He has over 20 years’ experience in portfolio, program and program management working in Municipal Government, Big Five Consulting, Banking and Education. Joel is the President of IPMA-USA and founder of GPM.

Keynote 3: Time to just get on with it!


Ricardo Diniz

For the past 20 years Ricardo has developed creative, inspiring and completely out of the box projects as a solo sailor to promote Portugal globally.

He has sailed the equivalent of three times around the world, including 5 times across the Atlantic Ocean. Ricardo first went into business aged 12, selling cakes on the beach, and this quickly connected to other ideas and opportunities.

By the tender age of 19 he was a Captain. And he hasn’t stopped since. He has created various companies and projects, some with great risk.

He has failed numerous times and was even homeless on three occasions. Never one to give up, he continues to tirelessly followed his heart and passions, no doubt on his way to his next project, challenge or business.


Workshop 1: Time to hear your clown


Tinna Lind Gunnarsdóttir

Tinna Lind Gunnarsdóttir is an actress and MPM. Tinna has been developing a method in using this special clown technique called “L’essentiel” to train leadership and communication skills within project teams.

Tinna is the project manager of the National Theatre of Iceland and gives workshops on the technique in companies and organizations.


Workshop 2: Time to change from fear to power


Adelino Cunha

Entrepreneur, Author, Business Consultant, Coach and Motivational Speaker.

Dr. Adelino Cunha is one of the few Trainers that are part of the Elite team of Dr. Richard Bandler (co-creator of NLP) and Solfut – I Have the Power is a NLP training center legally authorized and recognized internationally by Richard Bandler and by the Society of Neuro-linguistic Programming ™.

Founder of I HAVE THE POWER Training System.



Workshop 3: Time to level up with others


Hajnalka Zigmund and Daniel Collado-Ruiz

Hajni and Daniel are founders of NurtUp, a Finnish startup that helps people level up with others. They do that through face-to- face games.

Hajni has experience in R&D and CSR management. Daniel is a former associate professor (UPV) and professional trainer. Starting a company to enable people was a natural step for both of them.



Workshop 4: Time to Discover how to think with your hands


Paulo Alves

Paulo Alves is an entrepreneur and a “coachsultant”. He’s the founder and manager of Smart Value Consulting,. He works with entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs, helping them to  co-create   innovative strategies to generate sustainable and meaningful value. He has a background in Economics, Marketing and Innovation. He works with Team Academy Finland, and Mondragon Team Academy.


Young Crew Assembly

Only for representatives of their national Young Crew Boards, the Young Crew Assembly is the main advisory body for the IPMA Young Crew.

It guides the future developments of the IPMA Young Crew Management Board. Participants have received the topics well in advance, for them to discuss nationally and raise points to be dealt with during the assembly.

In a facilitated sessions, those representatives of each country define the upcoming programmes, that will affect how they get value from the IPMA and the international Young Crew Management Board within it.


Outdoor Team Challenge

Porto is a beautiful city with breathtaking sights, but that you probably know already from TV, magazines or the Internet. Now imagine… what if you could see it for yourself?

It’s time to discover all this beauty and travel around places you get to visit only once in a lifetime!

As the name inspires, you’ll be invited to work outside a normal office or room with several people (you just met). This alone could be a challenge, but this last word stands not for one but for lots of them.

Throughout a compelling sequence of fun yet demanding activities, you will be able to test your skills in project management. New rules will easily trigger stress. Surprises may arise at every corner when you least expect. Emotions should lead your way at some points. Everything can happen.

We want you to learn while playing and play with what you learned. Practice makes perfect, they say. So be prepared to take risks and experience situations where you must be sharp to achieve your goals and creative to reach success.

Are you ready to unleash your inner project manager and conquer Porto?


Young Project Manager Award

The IPMA Young Project Manager Award is awarded annually to recognize and motivate young professional project managers around the world. It recognizes rising talent in the project and program management industries by honoring young project managers for their accomplishments early in their careers. These honorees have demonstrated invaluable impact to both their profession and their companies, and are on the fast track to becoming influential project leaders on an international scale.

The three finalists in alphabetical order are:

  • Hanzir, Andrej;
  • Peters, Barend Daniel;
  • Zagorenko, Elena.




Carmina Costa | Project Manager



André Oliveira | Program Coordinator



Filipe Figueiredo | Logistics Coordinator and Marketing & Communication



André Teixeira | Partners & Sponsor Coordinator and Program



Ricardo Diz | Marketing & Communication Coordinator

” I would like to strongly recommend you to come to GYCW Porto because you are going to participate in a great event with great workshops where you can learn and share knowledge without limitation. You’re also going to meet one of the most beautiful and special charm city in the world: Porto. In 2014, Porto was the European Best Destination. Come and enjoy the city and the GYCW.”



Fábio Macieira | Program and Logistics

“As an engineer passionate about project management, I would like to strongly recommend you to come to GYCW Porto. You’ll discover that Project Management is even much more interesting when you are in Porto. Don’t miss the opportunity to visit this invincible city and learn more about project management. GYCW is inextricably linked with the beautiful Porto city and the challenging project management activity. Look to meet you in Porto”



Pedro Sá | Program

“What’s project management? and what do project managers do? If you are looking for few answers i strongly recommend you to participate in this GYCW workshop. Be better prepared is a daily challenge and this experience will give the opportunity to connect you with different realities, tools and passions on managing projects and sure incredible and inspiring stories. Don’t lose this adventure to be and find why Porto the “Cidade Invicta” (unvanquished city) was crowed as the best european destination. Come and find out!”



Nádia Bischoff | Logistics



Maria José Ratinho | Logistics



Rui Freitas | Partners & Sponsors



Tiago Ramalho | Partners & Sponsors

“Come to GYCW and experience project management in ways you’ll never forget. Learning gets funnier and sharing becomes global, all with the opportunity to discover the beautiful secrets within the city of Porto. A place where magic happens and the impossible just seems easier. Are you up for the challenge? I sure hope so!”



Cristina Amil | Marketing & Communication

“If you want to know more about Project Management, GYCW Porto is the perfect place! Not only for the opportunity to participate in a such dynamic event as well as getting the chance to meet one of the most beautiful and hottest travel destinations. Come to learn, enjoy and share experiences. Don’t miss it!”



Hugo Leal | Marketing & Communication

“This is a great opportunity to join and enjoy an exciting event on project management. Challenges? Fun? Surprises? Learn? It is all that awaits you here in Porto. Charming town, proud, huge tradition, stupendous food! It will be the big 2016 event and you can not miss it!”



Niklas Bein | Project Owner